Why Should We Do Oil Pulling?

Why Should We Do Oil Pulling?

May 1, 2023

You will find oil-pulling beneficial in reducing mouth bacteria, enhancing gum health, and inhibiting problems like lousy breath and cavities. In addition, the technique is straightforward and accessible to add to your everyday routine.

Oil pulling is ancient and entails swishing oil in your mouth to eliminate bacteria and promote oral health. Oil pulling is often associated with ayurveda, India’s ancient traditional medical system.

Studies reveal that oil pulling kills mouth bacteria and improves dental health. In addition, alternative medical practitioners claim it helps treat many diseases.

While clarity is not available on how oil pulling functions, claims are made that it kills bacteria from the mouth and may also help moisturize the gums and increase saliva production, which helps reduce bacteria.

Some oils also contain properties that naturally help reduce inflammation and bacteria to enhance oral health. Unfortunately, research on oil pulling is limited, and debates are ongoing on its benefits. This article looks at some benefits of oil pulling backed by science, explaining how to practice it to maximize its effectiveness.

Oil Pulling Reduces Mouth Bacteria

Over 700 species of bacteria exist in your mouth, with nearly half present at any time. Some harmful bacteria contribute to tooth decay, lousy breath, and periodontal disease. Studies state that all pulling helps reduce harmful mouth bacteria to confirm decreasing the quality of bacteria in the mouth helps support proper oral hygiene to prevent some problems.

Oil Pulling Inhibits Lousy Breath

If you are concerned about your lousy breath and visit the Emerson dentist to evaluate your condition, do not express surprise if the dentist suggests oil pulling as a home remedy. However, before making the suggestion, expect the professional to examine your mouth to check whether infections like gum disease, poor dental hygiene, and tongue coating do not affect you.

Oil Pulling Might Help Reduce Cavities

Besides eating sugary foods and beverages, you might benefit from oil pulling if you are at high risk of dental cavities that stem from tooth decay and improper dental hygiene. It helps reduce harmful mouth bacteria to prevent tooth decay. Oil pulling helps decrease the strains of bacteria when you indulge in this practice to prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of cavity formation.

Oil Pulling Might Reduce Inflammation to Improve Gum Health

Gum disease affecting many Americans is a concern because it is the most common reason for tooth loss in American adults. The bacteria present in plaque is responsible for the early stages of gum disease gingivitis, which, if left untreated, progresses silently over time to periodontitis which has no cure developed for the condition.

Adults affected by gum disease will need frequent appointments with the dental clinic in Emerson to receive deep cleanings and other intensive procedures to maintain gum health and prevent tooth loss. However, oil pulling may provide an effective remedy to improve gum health and reduce inflammation. Unfortunately, with limited research available, will you benefit from oil pulling if you already have advanced periodontal disease and need to maintain appropriate dental hygiene as recommended by your dentist? Therefore before you adopt this practice as your oral hygiene routine, it helps if you discuss the practice with your dentist and only proceed if advised.

Should You Indulge in Oil Pulling?

The choice of indulging in an ancient practice is entirely at your discretion. The benefits of oil pulling listed in this article claim they help prevent numerous issues and improve oral health. However, the lack of evidence to support the claims might make determining whether you should include oil pulling in your regular dental hygiene regimen challenging.

If you think oil pulling is cheap, convenient, and prevents visits to the dentist in Emerson, you are sadly mistaken. If oil pulling effectively managed oral health issues, dentists wouldn’t exist because the standard vegetable oil at home would care for your dental health. Therefore it helps if you consider this technique to complement your regular dental hygiene routine as the Emerson dentist suggests and indulge in oil pulling merely to inhibit your risks of the problems discussed in this article.

If you want to care for your dental hygiene Emerson Family Dental is willing to help you in every way. If you wish to indulge in oil pulling, a meeting with them to discuss whether you can proceed with the practice or consider using it as a complementary option to benefit your oral health.

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