What To Choose: Root Canal Or Dental Extraction?

What To Choose: Root Canal Or Dental Extraction?

March 7, 2022

Are you stuck between deciding to get root canal treatment or dental extractions? In this article, we will provide the answers to your questions. If you need more information, you can visit our dentist at 07630. You can also book an appointment with us at Emerson Family Dental today.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is an oral treatment that involves using dental instruments to clean and extract dead dental pulps and tissues inside the root canal. It is a dental treatment that allows patients to retain their natural teeth after the infection removal. Therefore it maintains and enhances your dental structure and dental health.

A general dentist can perform root canal therapy, and in most cases where the infection is complicated, they can call an endodontist. Endodontists are specialists in treating problems affecting the teeth structure internally.

Root canal treatment can take 30-45 minutes if the infection is not complicated. After local anesthesia to reduce the pain, the dentist will use dental tools to access the affected tooth’s root to take out the infected tissues and clean the area with disinfectants.

Next, your dentist would use dental material known as gutta-percha to fill and seal the area. That will keep the site clean and inaccessible to new infections.

What Is A Dental Extraction?

Dental extraction or tooth Extractions are nothing like root canal treatments. Instead of leaving the affected tooth, dentists remove the affected tooth from the bone socket. Unlike root canal treatment, tooth extraction is not performed for infected tooth only. It can be performed for fractured or cracked teeth as well.

Tooth extractions can be performed on adults and children as well. However, children can have it differently if the extracted tooth is a baby tooth. After the baby tooth goes out, a permanent tooth will erupt. A permanent tooth doesn’t erupt again after a dentist takes it out. If a person gets tooth extraction for their adult or permanent tooth, they would have to go for an artificial tooth or other dental restorations if they need a replacement.

Oral surgeons also perform surgical extraction for a wisdom tooth to either remove the tooth close to the wisdom tooth, thereby allowing it to grow without interruptions, or remove the wisdom tooth.

Of course, this procedure requires sedatives to numb the affected area.

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can be beneficial in various ways. You can get endodontics near you today.

  •   It Saves You Time:

The whole root canal process doesn’t take too much time. Once the infected tissues are gone, and the area has been cleaned and sealed, the procedure is 90% done.

  •   It Is Less Expensive:

Also, getting root canal therapy saves you from spending extra money on other dental treatments. If you extract your tooth, you might want to get a dental implant to replace the extracted tooth, which can be much costly than root canal therapy. After a root canal therapy, you might only require a dental crown, and this is gotten to protect your natural tooth against reinfections.

  •   It Maintains Your Natural Appearance:

Doesn’t it look good to save your natural tooth despite being infected? Maintaining your natural dental structure goes a long way in allowing you to perform dental duties without difficulties.

Benefits Of Dental Extractions

Although a dental extraction requires the total pulling out of an infected tooth, you can still enjoy some benefits from the treatment.

  •   It Is Provides Quick Relief:

A dental extraction is a quick procedure that provides fast relief after removing the infection. Most patients with infected or damaged teeth suffer from severe toothache. Once the affected tooth is gone, the pain will disappear.

  •   It Is Less Costly:

Yes, the procedure isn’t as expensive as a root canal treatment. You can spend less money on dental extraction. However, if you are interested in getting dental implants later, you might spend a lot of money. You can always speak to your dentist about other dental restorations that are not too costly.

  •   It Protects The Neighboring Teeth:

Dental extraction stops the infection from spreading to the surrounding teeth. If the infection spreads to the neighboring teeth, it could cause more damages and require more treatment.

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