TMJ Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Emerson, New Jersey

TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder. This is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joints that connect the lower jawbone to the face. If you feel like you have any symptoms, you should seek TMD treatment in Emerson, New Jersey, at a dentist near you. At Emerson Family Dental in Emerson, New Jersey, our dentist is capable of TMD treatment near you.

There are many causes of TMD. Trauma, stress, muscle spasms, and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common. To find out the exact cause of your TMD and the best way to treat it, you should visit a dentist in Emerson, New Jersey.

Symptoms of TMD

TMD can present in many ways. Most patients experience pain. The pain can be located in front of the ear or may falsely radiate to the ear. Some people assume the pain is coming from their ears and visit an ENT doctor only to be told that their ears are fine. Many patients also hear a clicking or popping sound whenever they open and close their mouths while talking or eating.

Patients with severe TMD can experience jaw locking where the jaw becomes fixed in a certain position and they can’t open or close it. The sooner you seek help and intervention, the easier it’ll be to treat your TMD.

Treatment of TMD

At Emerson Family Dental, getting rid of your discomfort and symptoms isn’t our only goal. We also want to restore normal function so you can live without restrictions. Eating and speaking are essential activities that we can’t live without.

We’ll start by prescribing muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications will make you feel better and get rid of any muscle spasms. Intraarticular steroid injections can be used to ease severe inflammation and to help patients with locked jaws.

Surgery is our final option. When there’s structural damage or debris in the joint, it has to be fixed using surgery. Surgery can be done traditionally or using an arthroscope. Arthroscopy relies on the use of thin instruments with cameras at the end. Smaller incisions can be made and patients recover faster than in traditional surgery.

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