Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screening in Emerson, New Jersey

Count on Emerson Family Dental for oral cancer screenings in Emerson, New Jersey. Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with some form of mouth cancer. Early detection is the key to beating the disease. Besides the entire oral cavity, oral cancer can also affect the throat, tonsils, and lips. So don’t hesitate to schedule your dental health checkup today.

Get Screened for Mouth Cancer

For your convenience, we perform oral cancer screenings near you during routine checkups. At your appointment, expect to be questioned about your health history. Then Dr. Sonn will examine your mouth, neck, and head. The entire screening takes only a few minutes. During the exam, our Emerson, New Jersey dentist will discuss the signs and symptoms. He/she will also go over ways to check for abnormalities as well. If we find anything suspicious, then Dr. Sonn will take a biopsy. If the tissue sample comes back positive, surgery is usually the next course of treatment. So, remember that twice-yearly dental visits will help catch oral cancer early.

Common Signs of Oral Cancer:

  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Hard to move your tongue or jaw
  • Loose teeth for seemingly no reason
  • Numbness or swelling in the mouth (or both)
  • Soreness, pain, or a lump that doesn’t go away
  • White or red lesions on gums, tongue, lips, or other mouth areas

Risk Factors:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • HPV 16
  • Poor Diet
  • Tobacco use

Spread the Word About Oral Cancer Screenings Near You

One of the most effective ways to raise awareness about oral cancer is to get the word out. Like other more well-known cancers, active surveillance is crucial. Patients over 50 have been the highest risk group, but more mouth cancer cases in young people have arisen in recent years. While this surge’s exact cause is unknown, research has shown that HPV 16 is a link between oral cancer and people in their 20s and 30s. For this reason, patients of all ages should keep up with biannual screenings. Contact Emerson Family Dental to learn more or to schedule a dental exam. We are happy to help!

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