Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Emerson, NJ

Often, patients choose to forego dental treatment because they’re afraid they’ll feel pain or experience discomfort. At Emerson Family Dental, we want every patient to get the treatment they require without fear. To make this possible, we have adopted the use of lasers in our treatments. We’re proud to be one of the pioneer providers of laser dentistry in Emerson, NJ.

Thanks to laser technology, we can treat many dental problems without using scalpels, drills, and sutures, all of which make some patients very anxious. Laser dentistry is safe, comfortable, virtually painless, and often associated with quick healing and recovery.

If you’re in Emerson, NJ and are looking for a trusted dental office that offers laser dentistry near you, call Emerson Family Dental today. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher Sonn, is well-experienced in drill-free laser treatment procedures and is looking forward to seeing you.

What to Expect

Laser dentistry utilizes focused light energy to produce a reaction in soft or hard tissue. Instead of using dental drills, our dentist in Emerson, NJ, uses a focused beam of light to cut through diseased tissue or to reshape tissue as required. Laser energy can be used to facilitate various dental treatment procedures, including:

  • Crown lengthening, i.e., for patients who have gummy smiles.
  • Root canal treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Soft tissue recontouring
  • Treatment of tooth decay. In this case, our dentist near you uses a laser to remove the decayed parts of the tooth before repairing the tooth with a dental filling.
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivity
  • Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth. The dentist uses lasers to cut through the gum tissue, thus exposing the trapped tooth.

Dr. Sonn takes time to understand your unique needs as an individual. Only after a comprehensive evaluation does our dentist recommend the appropriate treatment. We encourage our patients to freely share any questions or concerns they may have with our dentist.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry gives our dentist greater control during treatment and enhances accuracy and precision.

Some of the outstanding benefits of laser dentistry to patients include:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling
  • Minimal scarring
  • Lower risk of infections
  • Reduced anxiety and discomfort
  • Patients can avoid anesthesia, depending on the type of treatment

Call Emerson Family Dental today to experience laser dentistry in Emerson, NJ.

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