Dental Extractions in Emerson, New Jersey

Sometimes a tooth extraction is the best way to safeguard your oral health. So if your Emerson, New Jersey dentist suggests tooth removal, remember that is the most effective treatment. At Emerson Family Dental, we aim to protect natural teeth whenever possible.

Tooth Removal Near You

There are multiple reasons why a patient needs extraction. Common problems include serious damage, disease, injury, or extensive decay. The procedure involves pulling out the affected tooth so the damage will not spread. Since gums are very resilient, an extraction is a safe and viable solution. But keep in mind, not all tooth removals are the result of infections or damage. There are also cases where extraction is needed to prevent pain or overcrowding, especially regarding wisdom teeth. When these third molars fail to erupt properly, they can cause several issues. Since this last set of teeth are not essential, extraction is common to preserve oral health.

Reasons for Dental Extractions

Besides dental trauma and decay, we also perform tooth removal in Emerson, New Jersey, for the following reasons:

Correct crowded teeth: If you still have all of your wisdom teeth, you are at risk for overcrowding. Often there isn’t enough room in the mouth. In these situations, the existing teeth overlap each other. The result is difficulty biting and chewing correctly. We also extract teeth to prepare for orthodontic work to ensure proper alignment.

Stop the spread of infection: A bad tooth infection can extend to the blood vessels and nerves. The mouth bacteria may accumulate and cause an infection. As a result, the disease can spread to the gums and bloodstream, leading to a severe condition. Extracting the tooth will eliminate the risk of further health problems.

Manage periodontal disease: Late-stage gum disease can impact the soft tissues and bones that support teeth. An untreated gum infection can lead to deep pockets that make teeth unstable. This condition can also cause painful chewing or biting. When this happens, tooth removal might help the gums heal.

Affordable Teeth Extractions

Emerson Family Dental offers budget-friendly payment plans for dental extractions. We want all patients to receive the oral care they need when they need it. If you live in Emerson, New Jersey, or the surrounding area, our dental office is near you.

Visit our for urgent care in Emerson, NJ, if you’re facing issues like a chipped tooth, bleeding gums, and cosmetic dentistry in New Jersey for cosmetic dental care solutions.

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