Dental Sealants

Sealants in Emerson, New Jersey

Dental sealants create a barrier that protects teeth from bacteria-laden plaque. The pits and grooves in premolars and molars trap plaque and leftover food debris. Your toothbrush can’t altogether remove these particles in your back teeth. So, they tend to remain there for a long time. The acids released from the bacteria breaks down the enamel and causes cavities to form. Sealants help patients avoid decay by keeping bacteria out. Dr. Sonn applies sealants to the adult molars as soon as they erupt. This is a routine procedure for kids, but adults with cavity-prone teeth can also benefit from sealant protection.

The Dental Sealant Procedure

The process is fast, simple, and painless. Our Emerson, New Jersey dentist, follows these five steps to complete the procedure:

  1. An explorer is used to locate the grooves in your molars
  2. The etching is applied to roughen the surface of each treated tooth
  3. The tooth surface is then rinsed and dried
  4. A layer of clear sealant is brushed on the tooth surface, forming a protective coating
  5. Then the layer is exposed to a curing light to harden and secure the sealant

Tooth Sealants Near You: What to Expect

When Dr. Sonn completes the sealant procedure, you may eat, drink, and do whatever you wish. At first, you may feel as if you are biting down on something, but this feeling will not last. After a few days, you will no longer be aware that the new layers are in place. While dental sealants do not last indefinitely, they provide adequate cavity protection for up to a decade. Each time you come to Emerson Family Dental for a routine checkup, Dr. Sonn will check each sealant’s integrity. If any damage is detected, our dentist in Emerson, New Jersey, will replace it. Therefore, keeping up with regular dental appointments is essential.

Also, be sure to practice good oral hygiene habits at home. Brush and floss everyday and eat a balanced diet.

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