Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Emerson, New Jersey

A fixed bridge is a permanent solution for patients missing or more teeth. This type of dental restoration resembles the shape, look, and function of natural teeth. All bridgework is custom-made for each individual.

For more severe cases, multiple bridges can be placed to replace lost teeth. Several bridges make up a full mouth rehabilitation. But if most or all of your teeth are gone, Dr. Sonn may recommend full dentures instead.

Most bridgework involves porcelain and metal construction. Others are all-ceramic, which includes a mixture of porcelain and other like materials. Some tooth preparation is needed before our dentist in Emerson, New Jersey, can place a bridge. The amount of enamel removed from the supporting teeth is the same for both anterior and posterior teeth.

When is Bridgework Appropriate?

There was a time when bridgework was the primary option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Now, implant restorations have grown in popularity. Dental implants are long-lasting and prevent deterioration of the jaw bone. However, some patients lack enough healthy bone to support the implant posts. In those cases, tooth bridges are a great alternative.

Bridges are also placed over dental implants for patients who already have supporting crowns. Dr. Sonn can also use bridges instead of implants for patients who are not candidates for surgically inserted titanium posts.

Like implant restorations, some patients get bridges after tooth loss or extraction, often due to:

  • Advanced age
  • Injury or dental trauma
  • Medications
  • Periodontal disease
  • Severe tooth decay

Call the experienced team at Emerson Family Dental to learn more or to book a consultation. We are happy to help end your tooth loss.

Types of Dental Bridges Near You

In dentistry, we classify bridgework by how the restoration is fitted and how abutment teeth support it. At our Emerson, New Jersey dental office, Dr. Sonn offers three types of tooth bridges: traditional, cantilever, and Maryland bridges.

Traditional Bridges: Neighboring teeth on either side of the space are fitted with dental crowns. Both crowns support the replacement tooth. Conventional bridges in Emerson, New Jersey, are the most common choice. For tooth replacement solutions, contact Emerson Family Dental today.

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