How to Choose the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth

How to Choose the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth

February 1, 2023

Maintaining good dental hygiene practices plays a major role in ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy. Toothbrushes are thus essential in your oral care routine, but choosing the best toothbrush can take time and effort. Some factors to consider when getting yourself a toothbrush are the toothbrush type, the overall quality, shape, and comfort, and last but not least, the type of the bristles. Here is a more detailed overview of the best quality toothbrush.

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

Just because most electric toothbrushes in the market have compelling statistics and prestigious recommendations about their cleaning efficacy, it doesn’t mean that a manual toothbrush is any less. Both toothbrushes will clean your teeth and gums effectively.

Some people will prefer using an electric toothbrush, especially those who brush their teeth less thoroughly or as long as it should be done. Electric toothbrushes also make it easy for people with arthritis or disabilities to clean their teeth.

On the other hand, there are people who will prefer manual toothbrushes because they do not like the feel of an electric toothbrush in their oral cavity. The cost of the electric toothbrush is something also to consider since one will still need to replace its head after three months.

A Soft vs. Hard Toothbrush

According to dental experts, the best toothbrush to go for is one with soft bristles. Most people have a perception that hard bristles will clean teeth better, but in reality, hard or medium bristles can and will damage your teeth and gum tissue. This will be the case if you brush your teeth hard, which most people do. Brushing teeth too hard combined with the wrong choice for bristles can lead to toothbrush abrasion, gum irritation, and loss of teeth enamel.

The tip of your toothbrush bristles is also another thing to consider. The bristles tips of the toothbrush you or your child is using to clean teeth must be rounded for gentle brushing and to prevent damaging your gums and teeth.

Overall Quality, Shape, and Comfort

When buying a toothbrush, dentists recommend getting one from a reputable manufacturer. In as much as a cheap, no-name toothbrush may be tempting, avoid the temptation. Investing in a good toothbrush is worth considering because, in the long run, you save yourself costly dental restorative procedures brought about by poor dental care.

One of the cons of using cheaper toothbrushes is that they may be unsafe or unsanitary since they are not made with the same manufacturing standards as other name brands. In addition, some of these toothbrushes shed bristles, and their bristles’ tips are not round as they should be. If you aren’t sure about the toothbrush brand use, your dentist in Emerson can make recommendations for you during your next oral exam appointment.

When it comes to the shape of the toothbrush head, there is no standard shape since all forms work just fine, whether it’s rectangular or oval. The best thing to consider here is if the toothbrush head will comfortably fit in the mouth. In most scenarios, however, a brush with a smaller head is preferred because it will more effectively clean your teeth. With the smaller brushes, it is easy to get to all your teeth, including the hard-to-clean areas at the back of the mouth.

Also, ensure the brush you choose has a handle you can comfortably hold and maneuver.

The Takeaway

Even after following all the listed guidelines for choosing the right toothbrush, the best one remains to be that which you will use properly and regularly. Having an expensive toothbrush, whether electric or manual, does not guarantee perfect dental health, especially if you do not use it properly and regularly.

For you to have good dental health throughout, you will need to maintain a healthy oral care routine as well as make regular visits to our dental clinic in Emerson for oral exams and professional teeth cleaning.

At Emerson Family Dental, our dentist is going to give you the quality care you deserve and share oral and general health care tips with you at the end of your dental checkup visit. Please book an appointment with us or visit our website formore inquiries.

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