Dental Implants: Demystifying Myths about Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Demystifying Myths about Dental Implants

November 20, 2020

When something is risky or controversial, it often attracts several myths. Myths are more often than not founded on speculations and phobias. The world of dentistry is not new to myths. Given that a lot of dental procedures are inspired by new technology and innovation, there is always something to speculate about and someone to carry forth the myth.

Myths can be detrimental, especially when they hold you back from getting the necessary help. In dentistry, for instance, myths about dental implants can render you toothless for your entire life. Instead of living under the shadows of myth, research and find out the foundations of that information. Before you shun off dental implants as a viable treatment for your missing teeth, here are some myths about it you should know:

1. Dental implants hurt

This is the most propagated myth about dental implants. The idea that the treatment hurts is informed by the fact that it involves oral surgery. However, very few understand that it is a minor surgery that does not have to freak you out as other surgeries could. The truth is that you may not even realize how you got the implant because you will be under anesthesia. The process lasts up to an hour, and recovery does not take long. Thankfully, technology and innovation have allowed for procedures like using Lasers that make the process even less uncomfortable and invasive.

2. The treatment takes too long to heal

Dental implants do require a little more time than typical oral treatments. The reason is so that the implant can bond properly with the jaw and surrounding tissue. However, it does not take as long as most people presume. Once your dentist chooses implants for your mouth, the discomfort will wear off in a few days. Afterward, it will take around 3-6 months for the implant to bond with your jaw and tissues fully. The good news is that the bonding process is not painful. You can resume your normal activities without disruption or being bed-ridden throughout.

3. Dental implants do not look like your natural teeth

The one worry people worry about when it comes to dentistry is the visibility of the treatment. Treatments like traditional braces are very conspicuous, which can make some patients uncomfortable. For this reason, people perceive the same for dental implants. Truthfully, the implant material does not come anything close to your natural teeth. However, implants are covered with dental crowns that match the color of your teeth.

The only part of the myth that is true is the brightness of the false tooth. With time, if you are not up to speed with oral hygiene, your natural teeth will stain. Since the porcelain material used on artificial teeth is relatively resistant to stains, the treated tooth might end up looking whiter than the rest of the teeth.

4. Dental implants are too expensive

The initial cost of dental implants can be slightly more expensive than other treatments. Most patients feel like this makes the implants not worth investing in. However, that is a misconception. What the myth does not tell you is that implants last longer than all other dental options. Since the implants are installed into your jaw, they do not easily loosen, break, or get damaged. Other treatments for missing teeth, including dental bridges, can last up to 15 years.

This means that at one point, after a couple of years, you will need to spend more money to redo the treatment. This is not the same for dental implants. With proper care, you may never need to replace your implants.

5. Caring for your implants is complex

People think that since the implant is a foreign metallic material, it takes a lot of effort to maintain. This is, however, not true. As mentioned above, the implant is usually covered with dental crowns. This means the care you must provide is to the dental crown. All your grooming activities should proceed as usual, and that includes flossing and brushing. The best part about dental implants is that you do not have to worry about dental decay that causes toothaches. The implant does not have nerve endings, so pain is not viable. Besides, implants do not succumb to decay or cavities.

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