Dental Bridges: How Do They Affect Your Dental Health?

Dental Bridges: How Do They Affect Your Dental Health?

January 1, 2023

If having one or several missing teeth in the posterior or anterior region of your mouth, dental bridges can help close the gap between your teeth with one or more artificial. Crowns generally help make dental bridges on both sides of the missing tooth gap, with the Pontic (fake tooth) cemented into place.

Whether you have lost teeth from common causes like tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury or were born with genetic conditions leaving you without teeth, dental bridges can support your cause so long as you have healthy teeth besides the missing tooth gap.

Why Should You Consider Bridges for Your Missing Teeth?

Your teeth are designed to work together. If you have a missing tooth, the neighboring teeth start moving into the vacant space, with the teeth in the opposite jaw moving upwards or downwards similarly. Tooth loss makes you vulnerable to biting problems, chewing challenges, pain from the extra pressure on your teeth and jaw, and self-consciousness about your appearance and smile. You might think the issues aren’t severe to warrant considerable investment in replacement teeth. However, if you try to understand how the missing tooth affects your dental health and the expenditure involved in correcting the situation, you will undoubtedly change your mind to start thinking differently.

This article looks to make you aware of the consequences of not replacing your missing tooth and how it impacts your dental and overall health. Kindly read for more details.

Impact of Missing Teeth on Your Dental Health

Not replacing one or several missing teeth makes you vulnerable to several challenges that cause problems to your dental and overall health.

For example, if you neglect a single missing tooth gap, thinking it is not a severe issue, the adjacent teeth start moving towards the edentulous hole to create a misalignment in your mouth, leaving you with a bad bite. In addition, your teeth in the upper or lower jaw also moved towards the gap, necessitating orthodontic treatment costing thousands of dollars. Instead, you save plenty of money if you decide to get a single tooth Bridge from the nearby dentist; you prevent teeth misalignment in your mouth and considerable expenditure.

Edentulous gaps caused by missing teeth are not merely empty spaces but are breeding grounds for food particles and bacteria that remain trapped in your gums, resulting in infections like tooth decay or gum disease. These conditions can send you repeatedly to the dentist near you, seeking treatments for problems you don’t realize how they occurred. Unfortunately, scheduling regular appointments with dentists for repeat treatments to deal with periodontal disease costs more than replacing the missing tooth, which benefits your dental health.

Whether you lose one or more teeth, your jawbone starts deteriorating and continues doing so until you replace the missing tooth. Deterioration of your jawbone results in a sagging appearance making you look older.

The extra strain on your teeth and jaw will make you a victim of temporomandibular joint disorders, causing debilitating pain in your jaw and making you seek treatments from the dental clinic near you to overcome the discomfort you experience.

How Do Dental Bridges Help You?

Tooth replacement solutions, whether dentures or dental bridges in New Jersey, help close the missing tooth gaps to restore your mouth functionality and aesthetics, besides restoring confidence when smiling and avoiding the unwanted consequences of losing a tooth. Don’t you think overcoming the severe consequences of losing teeth is a minor inconvenience? We are confident you will change your mind about leaving the gap vacant and schedule an appointment with the dental clinic nearby to get dental bridges New Jersey without wasting time.

Dental bridges appear and function like your natural teeth and will likely remain with you for ten to 15 years with proper dental hygiene. Bridges are unlike dentures that need removal for cleaning and storage every night because they remain fixed to the adjacent teeth in your mouth. If you get a bridge for a single missing tooth, you receive the prosthetic created from dental grade porcelain fixed to the neighboring teeth held by porcelain wings. The bridge erases the embarrassment you feel with the missing tooth by enabling you to smile confidently without displaying edentulous gaps in your mouth. In addition, the dental bridge helps with your bite, restores your ability to eat and speak, and prevents shifting of your teeth to create misalignments in your mouth.

If you have a missing tooth or two, do not consider leaving the gaps unattended but seek treatment from Emerson Family Dental, providing dental bridges as replacements. Seek the remedies immediately to prevent the consequences of tooth loss from affecting you.

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