Are Spicy Foods Good for Your Oral Health?

Are Spicy Foods Good for Your Oral Health?

November 1, 2022

Occasionally everyone loves a spicy dish. Whether it is a spicy curry or pushing yourself to spicy limits with aggressively spicy salsa, you will not confront challenges finding spicy foods in New Jersey with choices like different types of hot sauces that make you wonder whether there are harmful to your oral health. Are you confronting a similar situation and intend to visit the dentist in Emerson with queries on whether spicy food is good for your teeth?

The Reality of Spicy Foods

If you are worried about spicy foods harming your oral health, rest assured the answer is no. Spicy foods don’t contain any substances harmful to your teeth. It indicates you don’t have to worry about having some spicy buffalo hot wings before you schedule your appointment with general dental care for routine exams and cleanings. The dentist you visit won’t mind if you decide to have your favorite spicy lunch in the afternoon before calling them for your dental exam.

Spicy foods can make you wonder whether the heat in them burning and melting your mouth will also affect your teeth and gums. Thankfully the capsaicin making the foods spicy is not harmful to your teeth. In reality, capsaicin in hot peppers is beneficial as a pain reliever.

While you can have the occasional spicy indulgence because you think the spices will not harm your teeth, it helps if you remain cautious with foods containing high capsaicin levels. For example, acid reflux affects many people because they consume spicy foods to erode tooth enamel. In addition, your teeth are sensitive to stomach acids that come up because of spicy foods making them harmful to your teeth. Therefore if you have information that spicy foods can cause acid reflux, you might find it beneficial to avoid them whenever possible.

Spicy foods also contain turmeric to enhance their taste. Unfortunately, turmeric is also responsible for staining your teeth if you consume such foods frequently. Turmeric undoubtedly has its health benefits to indicate you mustn’t think of avoiding it with your nutrition. However, if you want brighter teeth and a beautiful smile, limiting turmeric content in your diet might be best.

Benefits You Can Achieve from Spices

Hot peppers contain nutrients beneficial for your mouth. Chili peppers are wealthy in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Chilis also have vitamin A, helping protect your teeth and bones. Vitamin A is also beneficial in reducing infection and inflammation in the tissues of your gums. In addition, chilis contain other beneficial vitamins, including vitamin K-1 for healthy bones and kidneys, potassium to improve bone mineral density, and vitamin C to strengthen gums and the soft tissues in the mouth. Best of all, it helps protect against problems like gingivitis.

You can also derive health benefits from hot peppers because they will likely not stop you from smiling. In fact, they provide benefits like boosting metabolism by encouraging your brain to send signals to the body to remove the hot substances, resulting in increased circulation that helps boost your metabolism. Evidence also proves capsaicin promotes weight loss by reducing your appetite and increasing fat burning.

If you are affected by chronic pain in any part of the body, eating plenty of chili peppers might help desensitize pain receptors over time. In addition, if you use capsaicin lotions or creams, the nerves in your hands or legs become accustomed to the heat sensation to lower the body’s ability to process pain.

An additional benefit of eating spicy foods is the release of endorphins after eating them. When you eat spicy foods, the compound in the spice sends messages to your brain, making it think you are in pain. As a result, the brain unleashes endorphins as a reaction to your perceived pain signals to block them. Therefore if you feel some heat in your meals makes you happy, do not hesitate to satisfy your cravings. However, ensure that you remain cautious not to have too many spices that might cause acid reflux to erode tooth enamel and make you vulnerable to receiving dental fillings when you visit preventive dentistry in New Jersey for your six-monthly exams and cleanings.

If you fear having spicy foods thinking they might damage your oral health, Emerson Family Dental can clear your apprehensions by providing information on how spicy foods are beneficial for your teeth. If you want additional information on this subject, kindly arrange a meeting with this practice to understand the benefits of having your favorite hot chili Peppers.

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